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Anna E. Kijas is Head of Lilly Music Library at Tufts University. Her academic training includes master’s degrees in library and information science from Simmons College, music with a concentration in musicology from Tufts University, as well as a bachelor of arts in music literature and performance from Northeastern University.

Anna is interested in the exploration and application of digital humanities tools and methods in historical (music) research, and in the application of standards, including TEI and MEI, for open access research and publishing, and the use of minimal computing. She also works on nineteenth century music topics with a focus on gender, women, and performance criticism and reception.

She recently published a book on The Life and Music of Teresa Carreño (1853-1917): A Guide to Research, and has a digital project, which documents Carreño’s performance career with primary source materials, metadata, and transcriptions, as well as explores her performances and texts through data analysis and visualization tools. Anna also writes about using digital humanities tools and methods to explore, visualize, and augment scholarship. She has contributed entries for the revised editions of Grove Dictionary of American Music and New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

Anna’s work has been supported by the Music Library Association with a Walter Gerboth Award and the University of Connecticut with a School of Fine Arts Dean’s Research Grant.

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