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Newly added content to Documenting Teresa Carreño

Posted on August 19, 2013 by

I recently added more content documenting Carreño’s first performances in the United States during 1862 – 1863. During this time, the majority of her concerts occurred in New York City or Boston, MA. The content that is currently available on my site: Documenting Teresa Carreño, includes primary source citations, as well as transcriptions, which feature reviews, advertisements, and other articles printed at the time of Carreño’s performances. There are approximately twenty-seven records (as of 8/16/2013) that I have released, which document her reception in New York City and other New England cities between October 1862 – January 1863 with over 100 primary sources and transcriptions. These primary source documents taken from newspapers and music periodicals provide rich documentation about Carreño’s earliest performances in the United States, including details about her repertoire, stage presence, and interactions or associations with other musicians. (more…)